Thursday, July 15, 2010

Souvenir from Penang 12 June 2010.

A Flag. Two chinese zodiac teacups @ RM5.90 each. An old postcard that Hui picked ! ! *why oh why?*

Hui broke the monkey teacup the very next Tuesday morning! *oh!*

While En was crying, I said 'yes, you were sad. You wish the teacup is intact'. It went on and on.. she cried and I repeated the similar expression. I drew a teacup and cut it out as a temporary cup before we find the replacement. ( It didn't work, my teacup art ended in the trash bin! LOL) So, again I said 'Yes, you very sad'. Hugged her.  Then, in less than 10 minutes later, she stopped and was back to her usual self.

On Wednesday morning, I heard En said " Hui, do you want to wake up? Play with me. " (Hui was still zzzz ) When she saw the broken cup, she simply commented  "Mmyyy broken teacup".
Amazing! Children forgives easily. And at what point that they change and become resentful like ugly adults ?

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