Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chendor Beach at Ruby's resort 28 June 2010

Monday evening.
There is a clean and quiet beach just a stone throw away from Ruby's resort.

As usual, Hui on the mat whereas En on the sand.

En asked " Mommy, can I join them? " When I nodded, she ran toward June, So Chau, Abby and Gabby ! It is amazing how she could blend in with them easily. And they came back with a crab, couple of hermit crabs, two dead fish and bunches of attractive shells. Hui loves how the hermit crabs move.

Then, Hui pointed to the sea and said " I want to play there ". There is sand under the sea water, I said. She nodded with a yeah.

So, there she is, ready for sand and sea. That created a smile on my face and joy in my heart, witnessing her took another milestone. Bye bye picnic mat !

Left- Girls wrote names on the sand. Right- En drew a line & acted as tightrope walker.

Left- All enjoyed burying uncle so chau's feet. Right- Unknown purple wild flowers.

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Jack Ng said...

Zhang Hui conquers the sand. Yea!! And nice to see all the girls playing and enjoying themselves. A
Nice place I must say. Wish I was there.