Friday, July 30, 2010

Clutter ! I LOVE you. 30 July 2010

Friday am.
It is really not easy to deal with the mess that EnHui creates. Me being partly OCD takes longer time to clean and make sure things are okay.

I am learning hard to deal with it.
(1) I must love it, love it, love it. or (2) Be mad and scream.
Option (2) is not an option. Hence, I must love and live with mess for the sake of creativity play.

" I love you baby and trust in me when I say okay " la la la

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Jack Ng said...

This is another big challenge that me and Shannon, deal with everyday. Some days are better than others.

I am not a very tidy person, on the other hand, I will sometimes go berserk with the amount playthings, papers, colour pencils, dolls, etc etc spread far and wide, especially when I am back from work. It is absolutely, positively Class AAA mess. My face is so long it dragged on the floor.

Luckily, my long face is less seen by EnHui, for simple reason that they have slept by the time I reach home.

But more and more, I learn to taper down perhaps due to aging or wisdom? or just plain given-up. Ha ha. I try to unlearn all those expectation that the children will pick after themselves everytime, we don;t pick after ourselves everytime do we? And only when the timing is right, I will let them know the benefits and responsibility of picking after themselves and maintaining tidiness.

So, I try to get over it and continue my occasional friendly advice to them to keep tidy. Until they get it, I will have to find ways to keep my patience and maintain sanity. Besides, children have probably about 6000 things to do or explore in a day (no kidding) and really, if you come right down to it, EnHui are possibly prioritizing and picking-up comes last in the list.

So I sure hope that one day, the advice sink-in and picking-up activity gain traction and rise up the priority list for them.

Until that ultimate liberation day comes, work for Shannon (most of the time, sorry ah) and me, figuring out where the plastic strawberry and the half-torn paper plates should go, and which dog-eared books should be in which shelf..., where we should store the newly made hand-craft, reaching for the last few beads under the sofa, untie ropes from the ladder and window grill and many many mind boggling stuff.

People say being messy for children is somehow nurtures and unleashes creativity!!! Is that so??? I don't know, I sure hope so, as this back breaking and temper suppressing work should be compensated big time. ka-ching $$$$