Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Five-Minute Suggestion Method 11 June 2010

Sunday night.
When En returned to the room, she slept thru till 130am. I whispered in her ear, right after she fell asleep, " En is sleeping now and mommy is talking to you. You can hear mommy very well. Go to sleep while mommy talks to you. Mommy and En are united in our heart and mind. En loves the world and the world loves you. You are connected to the power of universe and you can use that big cosmic power. You have the complete healing power in you and you can heal yourself. Your fever is completely gone now. You have made it go away. Mommy loves you very much."

According to Search for makoto shichida  "Trust that your words will reach the mid-brain of your sleeping child and talk to her from your heart to her heart. Trust that your child will be able to listen to you and heed your words. The mid-brain has the power to understand everything" - Prof Makoto Shichida.

At 130am, En woke up and bombarded me with tons of questions..the whys, hows and whats. I touched her forehead and her fever has gone. :)

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