Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What was I scared off? 28 July 2010

Wednesday bedtime.
Off late, Hui is hooked to Dr Seuss. Tonight I read Ten Tall Tales by Dr.Seuss (Dr Seuss).

When we reached the 6th tales "What was I scared of ?" , she commented "nothing".

As I read, she pointed to the pants with nobody inside & said "Beat it up !"

When we reached this page, she said "I am scared now" and hid behind my arm! :)
En covered the book and told me to stop.
Hui came out & asked "why there is nobody in the pants? Let's check the computer!"

Later on, I asked "if she wish to stop" or 'Shall I continue to read and find out?"
I got the green light to continue and finally reached the end. :)
Hui questioned "why they could say 'Hi' to each other? " I said "They have accepted each other differences" 

The 10th tales, "Yurtle the turtle" made EnHui burst with laughter !
Hui said "Again". I was made to read the 191 pages again.

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Jack Ng said...

Again?? Thanks for the hardwork, mommy and 191 pages again, is one mean feat. No kidding. Drink lotsa of water, will you. A tumbler beside you would be handy.