Friday, July 9, 2010

Babysitter, EnHui and I. 6 July 2010

EnHui were jumping with joy when I told them, we are going to babysit S for a couple of days. En made two presents for S, out of recycle boxes and wrapped it with plastic bag! (Hope you like it, S ! ;p)

Early in the morning, they waited eagerly for her arrival. I was concern on how to create a bond between S and I.
When S arrived, I was a bit anxious. And when she looked into my eyes, I could see a brave 20 months+ old little girl coming to me for care and love. Well, if she could be so brave, why not me? This thought calmed me down instantly. I gave her a hug and sent my love through.

At the park, S was constantly checking if I was there and I knew I am her supporter for this period of time.  While I was going through all these adaptation, EnHui seem to be carefree and played along with her. I realised I am emotionally weaker than the kids. (aarrrggg)

Both excitedly showed her all their belongings.. and En decorated her cradle with self made cradle mobile.
I overheard Hui said to S, "Don' t worry, we will take care of you " :)

When S took a nap, EnHui waited around her ! En would followed her when she walked away from us.

Porridge - brown rice, pumpkin, wakame, gingko nut, wolfberry. 
S didn't like the ingredient at all and took 3/4 bowl of plain porridge. Was it too chunky? 

During snack time, she loves the manuka honey but not the apple, persimmon, mango and guava. I mashed the apple and she took 1 spoon only. Blend the apple and orange juice, she sipped two spoons only.

Dinner - when I fed her a spoon of brown rice, she spat out. So I guess chunky is the problem. Thankfully, she loves souuupppp. I cut brocolli, cauliflower and carrot to  real tiny and fed the soup along with bits of the tiny vegetable and rice. On the first feeding, she spat the vegetable and rice out. I tried again with lesser vegetable and rice. And she spat just the vegetable out! So I cut the vegetable the tiniest that I could. She took all and wow! A great sense of joy rushed into me. She smiles.

Children as young does know what they like, maybe they are lack of words to communicate it to us. Example- If I like my porridge without oil and so I say 'no oil please'

This is what S loves most at Dpc park - stones and walking on it. Each time she crossed from the grass area to the stones and onto the blue padded flooring, she looked for my acknowledgement. I showed her an "amazing" look and she responded with a smile and laugh..

At bedtime, En tossed and turned .. I said " Sleep En, what is on your mind?" En replied "S. If you want me to sleep, you need to delete my mind. My mind is full of Sonya".
I asked " Do you want to be a babysitter when you grow up? " En responded with a NO. Well, the usual question that followed "Why?". En said "I don't like to wipe the smelly poo ".

Wednesday 7 July 2010
While waiting for S's arrival, ....  notebook- Right

Left- spybug.  Right- tadpole, with yellow eyes. 

  Left- trace the light. Right- Yeah.. S is here.

Lunch -finely chopped pumpkin, carrot, onion, potato and tomato.

Yahoooooo ate almost all.

Snack - Little S joined EnHui for brown rice cracker, organic raw pumpkin seeds (S loves it! yahoooo) & Manuka honey. But *sigh* I have not found out how she likes her fruit,  refused my kiwi and orange but tried a spoon of mashed mango! :)
ABC soup with brown rice, millet, quinoa, potato, 'lai pak choy', carrot, celery.

Left- Cars, I heard 'race race'.  Right- Kids likes boxes.

I began to understand more of what Sonya said..:)

Thursday 8 July 2010
While waiting for S, we spotted a new bird, Olive-backed sunbird beside the usual Magpie, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Crow, Myna, Swift & Peaceful dove. They loves this red flowering shrubs and many flown back and forth .. and sucking nectar from the flowers. :)

Left- S played with neighbour, Jia Chen's rabbit.  Right- She likes corn. :)

Dinner - she asked for "more rice" after the first helping. Again, "more rice" after the second helping. :)
2 bowls of 'old cucumber' soup with brown rice, lady finger, onion, red & green capsicum, long beans and 'petai' !

Left- S running.. :) and EnHui conquer the rocks.
Right- Checked the beautiful sky of dpc in the late evening.

When she left tonight, I kept thinking if she has slept as she was so tired when she left. Later on, a 'phone sms' that read "she slept on the way home ",  lifted my concern off.

Guess that is "bonding " and it simply just consists of unconditional love, care and respect the child as an individual.

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