Wednesday, July 21, 2010

34th Bon Festival 17 July 2010

Saturday 530pm
It was a great experience for us @Obon Festival, a Japanese Buddhist custom which honors their departed ancestors. The celebration was held at Matsushita Corp Stadium, Shah Alam.
1700 Gates Open
1900 Drum Performances and annoucements
1915 Bon Odori Part 1
1945 Dance by Guest Performer
2000 Bon Odori Part 2
2030 Dance by Guest Performer
2045 Bon Odori part 3

We arrived at 5pm where we were ushered to Matsushita parking space @Gate 3, just next to the field.  From there, we walked to the stadium, reached approx. 530pm and caught a glimpse of the drummers rehearsing. 

Left- We got 4 fans as doorgifts. Right- The toilets are clean and furnished with toilet papers and a mirror!

Bigen hair-colouring product being distributed at the entrance.

Ice cream ! Ice cream! Spoilt for choice!  We took  taiyaki and watermelon sorbet.
We had some japanese street foods -  takoyaki, yakitori,shiruko with mochi etc & sushi(for sure).

Meal on the grass! with towel, bag, fans and plastic bag as seats.

The huge sitting crowd on the stadium seats(far end) and the dancing crowd near stage @715pm.

Bon Odori

Dance by Guest Performers
Bon Odori. We danced along and I had the greatest time of all.
Finally, we left around 8pm. :)

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