Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yummy Appam ! Admirable Khoo Kongsi! 12 June 2010

Monday 9am.

Our breakfast. Mouth-watering Appam @60cent each. Kedai Kopi Swee Kong, Jalan Burmah (Opposite police station).
Khoo Kongsi @Jalan Acheh. Adult RM5 with 2 free pieces of postcards. Clan kongsi is a chinese clan house, which doubles as a temples or a meeting place. Clan instituitions originated in China as associations for the people with the same surname. Today they are the organizations that look after the welfare of clan members and safeguard ancestral shrines.

Left- Lavishly decorated temple. Right- A theatre.

Left -The Khoo trustee members. Right- Khoo's Genealogical Poem, the middle names of the Khoo according to the generations - amazing!

Left- Dad has the most interest in the history among us all!
Right- Hui glued to the chinese opera. En didn't want to leave her alone and stayed on with her.
Left- The second most attractive part for EnHui after the chinese opera - the kitchen.
Right- The kitchen exterior always come with a round roof at the corner.
I love these two pictures.
Right- There are many turkeys at the backlane.

Left- Stair that comes with a door. Right- Now, I hardly see "Madagascar Periwrinkle".
Left- Khoo Clan homes.   Right- a narrow backlane
This visit made me wonder about my ancestral history .. ???..

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