Friday, July 23, 2010

How long is En going to come back? 23 July 2010

Friday night.

 Hui asked "How long is En going to come back? ..(paused).. I love En." En wanted to sleepover at grandma's , hoping to catch the first glimpse of uncle Vich when he arrives. This is her second sleepover.
Hui misses her at home. 

( Photo - reading before bedtime. 24 Aug 09 )

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Mom-On-The-Loose said...

awwww. the poor thing. Arina's the same too. Kept asking bout Hani when my sister took her out for a movie. It's nice to see how much our children love each other kan?? makes up for all the other times they fight...

sorry I forgot bout our 'playdate' at dominos the other day. hope to see you and the girls again soon!!