Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bleatt Bleattt Bleatttt 30 June 2010

Wednesday pm.
We were drowsy after a late night with turtles :), hung around Ruby's treehouse and finally in the afternoon, moved our butts  to Kampung Sg Ular. We checked on a goat farm ! (thanks to So chau). It is located near to Lis Na Ree beach resort. Pak Affendi, the owner wasn't around but his son took us in with the condition that we purchase some goat milk. RM10 for 500ml.

That's Pak Affendi son in the photo, next to En.
He milked the goat & we felt pity for the mama goat. So we told him to stop and willing to take the tiny bit of milk for RM10. There was a 2-days-old kid !- Right.

Bye Bye Cherating with love. Thursday 2pm, 1 July 2010
With a heavy heart, we left Ruby's Resort and Cherating.. after lunch with June, So Chau and their two adorable kids. In the car, EnHui missed Abby and Gabby so much. That made me felt guilty for leaving early. Then, I remember I should leave early for a reason....  

Some asked me "Are you not tired travelling with EnHui? ".  I am tired physically but somehow EnHui give me strength to go on.. and seeing EnHui's expression, when watching the green turtles, lifted the tiredness off me !

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