Thursday, July 29, 2010

Change of Guard, Istana Negara 29 July 2010

Thursday 12pm
It is my first time at Istana Negara! Change of Guard is daily at 12pm. Direction : Head to Jalan Istana ( Istana Negara on your right side). Go straight pass Istana Negara. You will come to a fork, take the right one with the  "Pusat Bandaraya" signboard. Immediately keep right and make a U-turn back to Jalan Istana. Park by the side of Istana Negara.

En asked "How do we know if King was inside or out? " I told her to look for a flag, if it's up, he is in and vice versa.

Hui is more interested with the flowers and complaint of smelly horse & hot weather.

Here comes the guards. This is the lane where we parked our car.


Both guards of old and new shift rode the horse simultaneuosly towards each other and exchange position. The whole process just took about 1 minute and that's it. If you have watched the change of guard at Buckingham Palace, your reaction would be "WHAT?" ;)

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