Monday, July 5, 2010

Cherating River Boat Trip 29 June 2010

Tuesday 730am
We were up early but breakfast is only served at 8am. While waiting, we hung around Ruby's huge hammock. Our first breakfast, french toast with watermelon ! (Hui dislikes both- yahhh)

Cats again!

After breakfast, we went for Cherating river boat ride with Hafiz 017- 978 9256. RM25 for an adult & En RM15 while Hui got to ride free. We spotted a monitor lizard, three mangrove snakes, a sea eagle and a white-throated kingfisher. Hui fell asleep later on.

Left- Can you spot the monitor lizard? Right- another boat in front of us.

Wasp nest and mangroves.

Left- A man catching crabs.

On the return leg, the water level rose higher and we need to duck when we passed the bridge again. Arrghh some of the dirty residue flown in from the sea.

A fishing village near the river mouth.

From the river to the sea.

At night, we joined Hafiz again for firefly-watching boat trip. Adult RM25. Child RM12.50.  We were given a firefly short 'lesson' before the boat ride. ;)  This trip was so much more exciting than the Kuala Selangor firefly trip. Hafiz has turned it into an educational one! He used a small dim torchlight to attract the fireflies to the boat. The fireflies flew towards our direction and we could catch it with our hands! It was such a beautiful sight, seeing them flying towards us in pitch darkness. En excitedly caught some too.

Before the lesson began....

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