Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Math with dad 18 July 2010

Sunday night.

En had math practise with dad . After completing the sum, she happily made herself a trophy( with cardboard & straw) and medal (with cardboard and ribbon).


Jack Ng said...

I started doing math with En when she was 4. It was a Class-A disaster. I ended up with a lot of frustration and the math session turn to become a very uncomfortable session. Out of frustration, my voice grew louder and louder trying to emphasize a point or a concept. It certainly made her totally switched-off and it was an awfully stressful situation for her. It turn her off.

There is no doubt that all faults were mine. I know it should not be that way, but my temperament got the better of me. I wasn;t prepare. After that, we did not touch on math for a long time, only occasionally showing some math concepts.

And recently, I asked her if she wants to do math, we can do it together. And last week, she said she want to do math. So after a 2 year hiatus, she is on a roll now. I hope that I don;t screw it up again. Yesterday night we did some. This morning she asked for more. And I gave her some sums.

Is funny how things pan out. Not sure, how long this roll will last, but I am sure glad she is giving math a chance again.

Jack Ng said...

By the way, I love the trophy and the medal craft made by En. It was awesome art, for me it is.

Mom-On-The-Loose said...

It sure is hard 'teaching' our children isn't it?? I too have lost my temper at Hani when teaching her how to read a few years back. Decided to give it back as it got too stressful for both me and her. Glad to see that things are going well with you and En now. Great job Jack!!!

Jack Ng said...

It is, indeed, Azlea. How it worked for me, is that before the session, I have to condition myself to relax. Before the session, maybe a night before, I made sure I get rid of all expectations in me of her able to do such and such things. Is so important, I feel, to build and prepare a comfortable atmosphere for the children to learn. Of course, I feel, first things first, the pre-requisite of it all, is that En wants to give it a shot herself. Then, the opportunity to teach and learn beckons. So you can do it too, Azlea. I am sure you do. Take a step back, and try again. I am sure Hani will also try again. Children are so forgiving.