Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Watch Turtles Lay Eggs 29 June 2010

Tuesday 10pm
From Hafiz, we learnt that between the month of May to July, turtles come ashore at Teluk Pantai Mak Nik, Geliga every night. (Yes! EVERY night). He introduced us to Pak Su, 013-603 4778, a nature guide for turtle watching at Teluk Pantai Mak Nik. Adult RM25 Child 12.50.  The public is prohibited from entering this beach without a guide.

True enough, on the night itself, we received a call that turtle has arrived. We saw the wonderful sight of how the green turtle painstakingly dug a hole with its hind limbs, laid 83 eggs and covered the eggs with sand.
One-day-old hatchlings that caught our heart. We released them to the sea with a sense of heaviness. Each of us picked one up and let go of them simultaneuosly, to avoid stepping on them. The hatchlings crept with much effort, heading to the water and swam away.

*photos and video courtesy of Sc. Thank you.

The location of meeting Pak Su : From cherating heading to Kuala Trengganu, go straight till you  pass Club Med. Go straight, from Club Med, approx another 10km, you will see an arch.  Approx another 1.5km after the arch, look for Esso on your right side. We waited for Pak Su at the Esso station.

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samanthang said...

How about september? Are turtles come to lay eggs as well in sept?
May have a chance to go there in sept holiday.