Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bye Dad ! Here we come, War Musuem. 12 June 2010

Monday 130pm.
After sending dad to work ( Bye ! See you later) , we drove to Batu Maung, looking for the outdoor living War Musuem. Adult RM15. Child above 5 RM7.50

My helper.

This site was built by the British. During the WWII, Japanese took over and changed it into a torture ground and prison. At the end of the WWII, it was abandoned for almost 60 years ! And now, it has become a said the man whom we bought the ticket from. Shyly, I asked  "Is it safe to go in ? Spooky? "

Left- Return to Malaya.  Right- This is the only tunnel of the fews that we went in.

Left- An escape hatch in the tunnel. Right- Steep path leading to a well.

Left- It has simple signs and explanation in English,  that helped me explained to EnHui.
Right- Officers' quarters.

Eerie ! but En observed this area the longest.

Left- Booby traps area and is prohibited. 
Right. Hui found a tiny dead chick and it was located near the beheading area! Another dead chick nearby was without a head! Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?
Left- Gun firing area. Right- A damp dark tunnel that I refused to go in. We were in between the trees on the hill and it was quiet,  just the three of us.. yahhhhhh

Left- I don't know what room this is as I was trying to walk as fast as I could.. heheh
Right- On the other hand, Hui took her own sweet time, collecting 'biji saga' . Lalala.

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