Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cherating again! 24 July 2010

Saturday 8am
   Dad & En @beach, Duyong Restaurant.

Yes ! We were back to Cherating. The journey that took approx 3hours (to Ruby's Resort) reminded me of the great moments we spent with aunty June & family at Cherating last month. 
For direction, after Jabor toll, you will see a signboard above you  "Trengganu/Kemamam", just follow that sign and you will come to another highway. Go straight till you see a flyover bridge, take a left turn (before flyover bridge) and left again (follow Kemamam sign). From here, straight road to Cherating and Ruby Resort.

When I stepped foot at Ruby's, the "home again" feeling was so great. It was awesome!

Left- En & hatchings before releasing them to sea.  Right- Bags of green turtle eggs

Left- Hui @Ruby's beach.  Right- a dog trying to join our group photo.

I woke up by the sound of roosters crowing and birds chirping. The air was crisp, cool and fresh.

And I saw grand aunt doing Qi Gong.

 That's our Margosa dormitory of 10 bunk beds, located at the end of Ruby's Resort, surrounded with trees, for our group of 10 adults and EnHui.


Jack Ng said...

One night trip. But I absolutely love it. The girls love it. The beach is clean, the waves and sea water, love them. Peaceful and serene. No crowd.

Best in class. A great quick getaway to the sea. 2.5 hours drive from KL.

Cheu Leng said...

May i know yours see the tutle egg is at night?
How bout release the baby turtle?
Will visit Cherating at end of August, wish can see this also.

Ng Shannon said...

Cheu Leng,
Please read "Watch turtles lay eggs" posted on 29 June 10. Yes, at night. Thank you.