Saturday, July 31, 2010

Not my way anymore. 30 July 2010

I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked into the EnHui's bedroom,
" Tambourines and Treacle Tarts!  "
She decorated her bed frame and added a 'cupboard' for stationery.

Another 'cupboard' for toys and a window with Halloween theme
Two tables from the study room has been shifted to the bedroom.

Though I noticed she was decorating her room, behind close door, the day before, never did I know the changes was this much. Oh my. I was about to blow up.. then I saw her drawing.

It is such a happy drawing, with the caption "I LOVE TO PLAY"
That must be Hui's drawing. It is a rainbow. She has been trying to paint rainbow lately.
Then, I saw she completed another piece of sums.

Dad's drawing. Impressive. Never attend art class at all.

I think maybe she needs her table in her bedroom. I decorated my own room.. and why not her.  

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Jack Ng said...

It was a Thursday night. I spent it with En. We went supper and when we reached home, we did addition sums. I can tell she was tired because it way passed her bedtime. She was yawning and counting, but we didn't care. Next, we drew and we talked. And then we did sums again. When she had finished with her sums, she wants to play again. And we play our spying game by guessing what one is looking at by giving a clue. Finally, we went to bed together. She slept almost immediately.

That night, she got to do what she wanted to do. No stress, relax and happy atmosphere. Besides, I behaved. In short, there were no element of negativity at all.

That's right, it was a perfect night.