Thursday, April 7, 2011

Travelling from Semporna to Tawau,Sabah 19 March 2011

We took a 'kereta sapu' back to Tawau Airport. It costs RM80 for four people. Our driver Apjari (013 365 0556) is another humble man. So far, we have pleasant encounter with the local bajau people.
Alternatively, a bus ride back to Tawau is RM10 per person. And a taxi from Tawau town to airport will cost around RM45.
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Anonymous said...

I'm going to Mabul next week and will be returning to Semporna mainland on the 7th May.

I am planning to stay in Promenade Hotel (Tawau). Is the bus schedule on time?

I am planning to take the cab but since I am travelling alone and that I'm a girl, it's a bit dangerous eh.

Ng Shannon said...

Yes. Bus schedule on time.
If go by taxi, safer to take from TWU airport - registered taxi and not 'kereta sapu'.