Friday, April 22, 2011

Gopeng,Perak 16 April 2011

Saturday morning.
To go to Gopeng town, turn right after Gopeng exit. Go straight till you see a bus station on your right. Turn right after bus station, ta da.. you are there. Drive on straight and you will arive at this roundabout. I like this small town, where restaurant, museum, shops are within walking distance. 

rriinngg rriinngg an ice cream seller who wears a cowboy hat. One chocolate cone is just 50cent. :)

It's durian season now.

En and I admired the way this man savoured the whole durian by his van. And when the durian is gone, he looked pretty satisfied and walked over to the durian stall for more.

The durian(fruit) stall by the roundabout. En acquired the taste of durian on this trip and relished the king of the fruit with a wide-grin.

Heritage house had its launching on the week we arrived. The opening hours is 10am to 3pm, on weekend.
It's located next to the roundabout. 

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