Friday, April 8, 2011

Raptor Watch @Tanjung Tuan 26 March 2011

Saturday 11am
Hike up Tanjung Tuan.

 Photographers at work.We 'parked' ourselves here and waited for the raptors avidly. 

A MNS member at work, guarded the left area.

At 1205pm, we spotted the first raptor flying from the horizon. It was seen as a small little dot.  

The sight of the raptor was getting bigger as it flown towards the lighthouse.

We cheered happily. It was such a beautiful sight, watching the raptor coming from the far horizon, and towards us. There were less than 20 raptors. We could saw one flying low, above us. It was so amazing getting upclose with an eagle.  This experience was so different from our last year visit, when we only spotted them gliding and circling above the sky.  

Hiking down to the beach. The steps to the beach are very steep. I did not handle it very well. I felt my chest tightened and I was wheezing. Prior to that, a hike to Tanjung Tuan light house, made it worse.

It has been a year since our last visit. The beach is still as clean and quiet.

There are no toilet facilities here. After having a fun splash, the kids have to hike up, wet and dirty.
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~CovertOperations78~ said...

Hi, Shannon. Ee Lynn again. I believe you mentioned wanting to volunteer at Raptor Watch. Here's the brochure for RWW 2013:
It will take place on 9 - 10 March. Please let me know if you and the girls are keen to volunteer. Green Living will have a carnival game booth this year that will incorporate environmental lessons into games. The girls can help me at the booth if they want to -- setting up balls, guns and targets, handing out prizes, collecting tokens/money, explaining the games to visitors etc. Do let me know. Whatever your plans, I hope you will drop by for a visit.

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Ee Lynn

My kids said "YES!". Thank you so much.


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Alright! Sounds great! Please stay in touch. My email address is Will send you the volunteer forms once the coordinator emails them to me, probably after Chinese New Year.