Sunday, May 30, 2010

En's thought on adult 28 May 2010

Friday pm.
" Mommy, I like to be a young child (she meant toddler and baby). Adult likes young children and they like to play with them. But they don't like to play with children like me. (she meant older). "

En's made a neck tie for dad and made him wear to work! ( LOL)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Limestone Hill @Batu Caves 23 May 2010

Sunday 1pm
The last time we visited Batu Caves was about 4 years back. En recalled the cave smelt badly of bat guano. Today, the smell has completely gone !  It has a bigger car park (RM2 per entry) and a contemporary administration office building located in front. Dark caves 's access is opened. MNS organises a 30- minute educational trip into the dark caves @ RM35 for an adult and RM25 for children (below 10). The macaques monkeys pose a hazard to visitors carrying bottles, cans or plastic bags.

Each time we pass by Batu Caves, EnHui eagerly await the sight of Lord Murugan statue.

272 steps. Hui was comfortably seated at dad's arm. En said " It is raining"

Lord Murugan Temple
 The formation of stalactite and stalagmite.

Hui chose 2 aluminuim keychains souvenir, one for En. 
Left -Mom, may I take one pigeon home?  Right- Souvenir RM5 each.

I want " kacang " & dark caves entrance!

Telekom Museum 20 May 2010

Thursday 10am.
We paid a visit to " Telekom Muzium ".There is no entrance fees but parking facility is not available within the building. As usual, we were the only three people in the musuem. The upper floor 's lighting is pretty dim and that frightened Hui. :)

Morse code station.

They love pressing on the old typewriters ! Right - old version of phone directory.

EnHui enjoyed rotary dialed the old phones.
The latest public phone which comes with a keyboard. En & I waited so long for little Hui who enjoyed pressing the keys.

Souveniers given at the entrance of musuem.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Youth Day Autoshow Putrajaya 16 May 2010

Saturday 930am
We spent a great morning at Putrajaya before it's too hot to walk around. By 1030am, we only saw a wee bit of autoshow vehicles. :)

Mini bike performances by many young child riders. Amazing!

go karts.


Drifting Performance.


smoke trail left by drifting

Tadpoles with hindlimbs 16 May 2010

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Can you spot the tiny hind legs?

How about here ?

And here?
Tadpole's hindlegs are longer now and still consume cabbage but at a faster rate. Now, it has changed from a herbivorous to omnivorous. We threw in a dead tiny spider but tadpole doesn't fancy it.

Ice needs space 12 May 2010

Wednesday am.

Bottle filled with water, was covered loosely with aluminium foil.
Put inside freezer.
When we took it out, En Hui gave a  "woo wow" :)
Returned it to freezer slightly longer, the bottle cracked ! (careful)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beryl Chocolate Kingdom Factory & Critterland 11 May 2010

Tuesday 1045am
A group of 30 people consists of parents and children gathered at Beryl Chocolate Kingdom factory for a field trip.

We were led to the video room which filled with strong chocolate smell ! The video shows us Beryl's ranges of chocolate, the process of making chocolate and the product wrapping. When it finished, we went through a tunnel-like pathway. The walls are filled with information and pictures of chocolates and its history. Kelly briefed us as we went along the path. We got to see some chocolate making process and chocolate packaging. It is like a reinforcement on what we have seen on the video. The tour ends shortly around 35minutes.
Subsequently we were brought to the shop where we tasted all sorts of chocolates, all sorts..and this is the part where EnHui have been waiting for!

There is no photography allowed throughout the tour except for the shop area. :)
En said " I love the dark chocolate"
Left - Hui said "I want more more" Right - our group! :) Thanks, Sokh.

For a tour visit, email Kelly Lee at kelly at berylschocolate dot com

After Beryl, we went to Critterland which is nearby. Thanks to Aunty Sam for the discount voucher. :) EnHui had great fun ! The entrance fees is RM15 on weekdays and RM22 on weekends. 

Both love the rope swing.

Lava dome - eruption of  pink spongeballs.