Friday, August 31, 2012

Jurong Bird Park Singapore 26 July 2012

The walkway into Jurong Bird Park is filled with lovely orchids. 

Previously, we didn't see Penguin Coast. It is something new to us.

The penguins can keep so so still. Initially, I thought some were statues!
There are 6 species of penguins here. Go spot the difference.

"Emperor penguin is taller than me, mom "

Braille information board.

Marabou stork

This is also new to us. Water park inside. 
"Mom, you have to bring our swimmies next time!!", bellowed the kids 

All sorts of ducks. 

This is also a new area. Such huge improvement at the birdpark. 

Few of the bird nests on display.
Pee-ka-boo and you find what is inside.

It said "Female ostrich lay their eggs in a communal nest. This is the number of ostrich eggs you can find in one"  Interesting, I said. 

From the left : Egg of the extinct ELEPHANT BIRD (look for its skeleton at Bird Discovery Centre), OSTRICH Egg, CHICken egg and  hummingbird egg. 

Incubation and nursery area. 
The eggs which are abandoned at the bird park will be taken here to hatch and care for.

Weaning area, 
where a baby bird has to learn to feed themselves and thereafter, to be released into the bird park.

At lunch with parrots. Showtime is 1pm to 130pm.
Purchased of food and beverage item are required to attend the show.

She said "the claw hurts a little"

Lory feeding is fun. Both kids grinned from ear to ear.
 SGD3 per cup.


Huge area of 9-storeys high enclosure for all those beautiful lory. 

By the time, I arrived breathlessly, the kids have disappeared among the crowd, making themselves comfortable at the seat! Now to look for them among the crowd....
Bird and Buddies Show 11am & 3pm.

King of the Skies Show
10am & 4pm
When you watch this show, visit the Breeding and Research Centre just next door.

She wanted to tell the host of the show, how the bird swoop up and down at the swimming pool.

A chicken egg has 7500 pores!
At the Bird Discovery Centre.

We enjoyed the bird park tremendously. I could not remember we enjoyed this much during the last visit. 

 There are three programmes available. Bird's Eye Tour is one of them. 

If you take a bus no 194 to Jurong Bird Park from MRT Boon Lay, the station that you alight at, is also the station where you take the bus back to the MRT. It is a loop service.

Third year of Children's Season, Singapore Art Musuem 8Q 25 July 2012

We were back for the third year of Children's Season at Singapore Art Museum 8Q. 
Of all the exhibits, I love this the most.  
I felt like walking in an enchanted colourful forest.   

We were given footwear cover to protect the colour pigment on the floor.

"Echoes-Infinity-The Forest " is the title of this artwork made with felt, colourful pigment and acrylic.

A 4-storey long mural in black and white drawn with acrylic and aerosol paint.

The activity room is divided into two sections, between colouring and stamping pictures 
and shaping a clay-shaped flower right at the end of the room. 

Broken pegs, paper clips and keys used to print pattern on the clay.

This is it.

"Everyday Wonder" by Loh Sau Kuen, used everyday objects to make print on the clay.

"Reactive Wall"  using microphone and projector. The volume of the sound determine the sizes of the images.

"Grow the Garden in the Dark" used PVC hose, fluorescent inked paper and tissue paper.
Visitors were invited to make origami flowers to grow the artificial garden. 

"Let's Dance" -video camera, projector and MP3 player.
Try spotting ME in there!

When you gaze upon this SQUID, it will change color.

Fiberglass, electronic and galvanised steel. 
Don't ask me what these are!

"Art of Imagination" used cardboxes. 

Visitors can add on their creativity on the boxes! 

This is a repeated artwork from last year Children's season 2011. 
Huge dress-up dolls for them to mix and match.

Huge table tennis at the entrance of 8Q.

Paper flowers with solar powered mechanism is also another repeated art display from last year.

Playground & Library Chuo Chu Kang, Singapore July 2012

Visiting playground and library are part our days in Singapore. 
This playground look just like the one we frequented back home.

This includes the ring-shaped equipment.

Kevin Henkes's booksssssssssssssss. 
Without much ado, kids and I indulged in as many as we could. 
A lot of my friends wonder why I visit Singapore so often. NLB is one good reason. 

Every Wednesday and Friday !! EVERY WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY!!!.
That is frequent!! 

We were lucky to catch a puppet performance by Frankie Malache, an award winning professional puppeteer  and an official representative of Singapore for ASEAN puppetry festival. 
He is really good and funny. We enjoyed his performance tremendously.

Mind you, this performance is at the public library and it is free! 


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boat ride at Boat Quay 24 July 2012

The opening hour of the four jetties (at Esplanade, Boat Quay, Marina Bay Sand and Clark Quay)

MBS is Marina Bay Sand.
You can either take a water taxi service or a more elaborate River Cruise shown below.

I would opt for the water taxi. 
Duck & Hippo is too pricey. And besides, when I drive around the island, I would be able to see those attraction from land as well. 

From Boat Quay to Clarke Quay, which is just across, you can easily take a stroll there.

Esplanade jetty is across the Merlion. 
I took the water taxi to Marina Bay Sand. 

 When I resided in Singapore, I used to bring friends who visited the island on this boat ride countless of times and I was really sick of it. 
Today, I brought my kids and I must say I enjoyed the boat ride tremendously.  

The man has to stop my overly excited older kid from jumping aboard.

The skyline reminded me of Reese, a homeschooled little boy who draws great skyline. 
Check Reese 's gallery here if you have not done so. CLICK LIKE if you are impressed by his work. I bet you will.

While passing by this dome-shaped, fancy high class restaurant, I thought I will never dine in here. It looks too serious and formal. Then, someone with a suit and tie waved at us. So we all waved back. 

We heard of good comments on Gardens By The Bay but have yet to pay a visit. Have you?