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Day 5 Takaosan (Mount Takao), Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 4 July 2012

Day 5 
  1. Takaosan. No entrance fees is required. 
  2. Night city view from Tokyo Government Metropolitan. Click here.
Pick a free Mt. Takao booklet (orange colour, on the left) from the Takaosanguchi train station. 
It has information on the flora and fauna in season and also at the back of the booklet contains a stamp collection page.

Takaosan is situated within metropolitan Tokyo.
There is sign when you exit Takaosanguchi station, Keio Line train 's terminal station located at the foot of the mountain.
From Shinjiku station, the cheapest and fastest way to arrive here is by Keio Line, costs 370yen adult and the journey takes about 50minutes.
100yen = RM4 

The convenient store located at the train station where we had our cup noodle lunch again. 

Walking towards entrance of Takaosan.

Soooooo beautiful, my little one said. 
I was again being reminded by her, to arrange for a flower arrangement class.

It does looks yummy but we are more herbivorous than omnivorous.

I like most of the houses here. 

Look at it ! It would be really really nice to live here. 

Lunch menu at one of the restaurant. 

There are a total of 6 trails. Click here for detail. 
The man on the right side was walking  towards trail no.1 that is 3.8km to the peak.
Go towards the left for trail no.6  or if you wish to take cable car or chair lift roughly half way up the mountain. 

The signage to trail no.1

The entrance to take the cable car and chair lift.
For trail no. 6, walk to the left side of the building. 

Information on cable car and chair lift. 

The price is the same for both cable car and chair lift.
Kids wanted to take the chair lift.
 At the end, we decided to take cable car instead as it is free for my little kid which also means cheaper.

Cable car we go ! 

It is pretty similar to the Penang Hill cable car ride.

A 5 minute ride up. 

There are some food stalls at the cable car station and also along our remainder hike up to the peak at trail no.1

Stamp your yellow booklet I mentioned above.

My kiddo loves flowers.

Kids spotted this caterpillar.

Moutainous view from the cable car train station. 

Trail no. 1 path is well laid and lined with stalls and temples. 
We hiked the remaining half of the mountain. 

Entrance fees for the monkey park. We skipped this one. 

Octopus tree. 
Once upon a time, a woodsman who had worked a long day came upon this monstrous tree that was in his way. He decided to cut its root in order to continue his work. As it was late, he thought of doing it the next day. To his surprise, in the next morning, he found the tree has twisted its roots like an octopus legs that made it impossible to cut. So the legend said.

Some of the many statues along the road.

Little kid was fascinated by how this couple prayed at the temple.

Along the trails, there are informative boards to tell what to look at the next path you are going to.
Though the information is written in Japanese, the pictorial is understandable.  

Path 10 -  there is a loop which is shown in the photo below.

You can take either left or right. 
The left side will take you to a temple below.

More food and souvenir stalls.

Goma-dango is made with rice powder, wheat starch, sugar, soy bean enzyme and black sesame seed.

More food.

This is one of the two temples we visited at Takaosan.

Washing hands and mouths at Temizuya is a practice to cleanse the body and mind before entering temple.

1.Enter the circular shaped arch.

2.Throw in money offering into the box.
Use the pole to hit black colour rings on top. Bow twice. Put your hands in front of your chest and clap twice. Pray with your hands together. Bow once.

3. Throw in the lucky charm (bought from temple)

Omikuji, lucky charm.

Collect your souvenir stamp.

Yakuoin temple, the second temple. 
You need to take the steps up the temple in order to continue the trail.

Main hall. 

There was a praying ceremony going on. 

Tengu, a long-nosed mythical figure. The statue is a symbol of Mt. Takao.

I was walking really fast trying to record where the monks were heading after the praying ceremony and so, the video is bit shaky. 

Then I realised, I have stepped into the "priest only" area. 
The chief monk was shielded home with a red umbrella.

The continuing part of trail no. 1 from Yakuoin temple.

The trail is an easy one for us.

Food is also available at the peak of Takaosan.

Plain soba  500yen.

A cozy restaurant with greenery view to dine in.

Yes, we are at the top, 600 meter high.

Again, I wish I have a better camera. 

A pigeon? 

There is an information centre here. 

The staff showed how the female insect  folded the leaf to lay its egg. 

This is the male which has a longer neck.

The leaf is folded like this and the red arrow is pointing to the eggs.

How nice to have different type of flowers all year around.

We took trail no.6 down. 

The forest over here seems to be so organised and neat. :)
There are no food or souvenir stalls along this trail.

Step up over here for another view from atop.
W.C is inside the building at the end of stairs. 

Keep right to the foot of Takaosan.

Reaching the last of steps.

We came down here from trail no 6.

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