Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 4 Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki, Japan 3 July 2012

I used to collect tissue packets like these, with a piece of advertisement slotted in, easily during my stay at Japan years ago. 
Oddly, at this trip, I only saw it twice. Do you know why?

 I collected the first two packs on the fourth day at JR Ueno station.

Ibaraki perfecture in orange colour.
We travelled to Hitachi, Ibaraki to see flowers, my little kiddo's love.

Not knowing Hitachi Seaside Park is out of Tokyo, we underestimated the cost of travel!
It costs 7000yen per adult from JR Ueno station to Katsuta station, Ibaraki by train Express Joban line.
3500yen for child aged 6 and above.
1000yen = RM40

At JR Ueno Ticket Office.

Train car number 3.

Our train to Hitachi.

Hitachi Guide Map in Japanese. 
There isn't any English information available, not at the ticket office as well.

A sign Katsuta station, pointed to the bus station to Hitachi Seaside Park. 

After overspending on the train tickets, we had our lunch at good ole Lawson, 24hour convenient store.

The bus stop to Hitachi Seaside Park is located right in front of Lawson.

The kids excitedly finished their first ever cup noodle while waiting for the bus.
It is delicious, so they said. 

My curry cup noodle. Hot water and chopsticks are provided by Lawson.

Bus ride to Hitachi took around 30minutes. . 
390yen for adult. Half price for children 6 and above. 
Note the LED board on top of the windscreen and the up-close view below.

It displays the amount you need to pay when you alight the bus. The fare increases as the bus passes by each  stop.

The bus stopped in front of the park.

Take note of the departure time on the panel at the bus stop.

Entrance fee to Hitachi Seaside Park. 
First row is for adult. 
Second row is for senior citizen.
And third row is for children.
The first fee column is  per person entrance fee. 
Follow by a cheaper fee for a group of 20 people and above.  

Automated ticketing counter.

As we entered the park, it seems deserted and no sign of flowers except for bit of wildflower here and there.
Having seen Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam, I expected the Hitachi Seaside Park to be something like that.

In the midst of regretting coming over to this park, my little kiddo hippity hop down the steps, singing happy tunes on some flower song with a little bunch of wildflowers grasped in her hands. 

Do prepare notebook for collecting stamps.

The kiddo continued with her happy tunes, telling us to bring her here again the next day.

This is a huge park where flowers are grown at some part of it and so, a lot of walking involved.

There is an amusement park here but we didn't get on any ride.

Here are some snapshots of the flowers that we took. Please tell me the name if you know any. These are the early summer flowers.

There is a rose garden with countless of colourful roses.

Field of lavender.


The drain cover is with flower print too. 

Huge park with no English signages.

We almost got lost.


Anonymous said...

Hi, may I ask how long it take for you to explore the whole park?

Ng Shannon said...

It is a very huge park and it will need at least a day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I think I am the one that post the question. Looking for the answer on internet and google point me back to your website. :)

Larissa said...

I live near this park :-) It really is huge! They have bicycle rentals and an in-park train ride that lets you hop off at different places.

I do know most of the flowers in your pictures. The bright pink is an ice plant. The next are begonias, then roses, and purple cone flower. After that is foxglove, lavender as you said, and yes on the dandelion :-) I don’t know the last one. Hope you enjoyed your visit. My kids love the play areas there!