Sunday, August 19, 2012

Outdoor Theme Park at Genting Highland 14 July 2012

Having been to Bon Odori for two years back to back, dear hubby and I were startled when kids mentioned they want to go again. We felt we have enough already. So, we negotiated with the kids to go for Outdoor Theme Park which we have not been able to bring them after a year of requesting.

This year, my younger child met the min height requirements of 107cm and without hesitation, joined in this whirlwind thrill ride. It was funny looking at her, being taken away to measure her height twice and putting the crowd on hold.  

The daredevil simply love this spin. She was heard laughing out loud in mid air and raising both legs up just for the fun of it. 
The children went for a second round before they left the theme park.

The Spinner.
I was so timid compare to her and I think I will never ever take a seat no matter what. 

Over here, at the pedal boat, little Hui also just met the height requirement and was given a fit little life vest. 

Unfortunately, she didn't pass the heigh requirement of  this Private Ship ride!  To me, this ride is much easier than the Spinner!

Height requirement check.

My 8 year old went to queue for Corkscrew! I was hesitating and wondered if she knew what she has got herself into.
Then I remember seeing those little caucasian kiddos queuing for super fast rides at Universal Studio, LA. 
Thankfully (bad of me), she didn't pass the height requirement of 140cm.

Over here, my younger child went passed her older sister who whispered "I can't be with you", bravely and took a seat at the bumper car. 

I was suprised by how cold the weather was. It has not been this cold for such a long time.  

The kids took most of the rides that they were allowed to. And I underestimated the time, we would spend at the theme park. :)

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