Friday, August 31, 2012

Third year of Children's Season, Singapore Art Musuem 8Q 25 July 2012

We were back for the third year of Children's Season at Singapore Art Museum 8Q. 
Of all the exhibits, I love this the most.  
I felt like walking in an enchanted colourful forest.   

We were given footwear cover to protect the colour pigment on the floor.

"Echoes-Infinity-The Forest " is the title of this artwork made with felt, colourful pigment and acrylic.

A 4-storey long mural in black and white drawn with acrylic and aerosol paint.

The activity room is divided into two sections, between colouring and stamping pictures 
and shaping a clay-shaped flower right at the end of the room. 

Broken pegs, paper clips and keys used to print pattern on the clay.

This is it.

"Everyday Wonder" by Loh Sau Kuen, used everyday objects to make print on the clay.

"Reactive Wall"  using microphone and projector. The volume of the sound determine the sizes of the images.

"Grow the Garden in the Dark" used PVC hose, fluorescent inked paper and tissue paper.
Visitors were invited to make origami flowers to grow the artificial garden. 

"Let's Dance" -video camera, projector and MP3 player.
Try spotting ME in there!

When you gaze upon this SQUID, it will change color.

Fiberglass, electronic and galvanised steel. 
Don't ask me what these are!

"Art of Imagination" used cardboxes. 

Visitors can add on their creativity on the boxes! 

This is a repeated artwork from last year Children's season 2011. 
Huge dress-up dolls for them to mix and match.

Huge table tennis at the entrance of 8Q.

Paper flowers with solar powered mechanism is also another repeated art display from last year.

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