Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 6 Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo 5 July 2012

You can either take Tokyo Metro, Hibiya Line to Tsukiji station or JR Oedo line to Tsukiji-Shijo station, exit A1.

There are restrooms available on the way to Tsukiji. 

Check the "off limits" area.
Tsukiji daily routine here.

Food tasting. 

Outer market consists of retail shops and restaurants.

The visiting time is after 9am and it is when the packing of fishes are being done. 

Busy traffic along the road.

Huge fan clam, bigger than the size of my palm. 

They eat all sort of things!

The market is huge but the aisle is narrow.

This image lingers in my mind for a long time. I felt really bad for the octopus.

Crabs with orangie claws.

Gigantic cockles.

When my older kid saw this, she wanted to leave. She dislikes this market. 
These fishes were slit and threw in the water. Some moved and struggled in the water. It must be too painful. 

I couldn't bear to see people swallow the tentacle raw. :(

Edamame, now I know it grows between the leaves and roots. 

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