Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 7 Tanabata Festival, Shonan Hiratsuka, Japan 6 July 2012

Ticket office at JR Tokyo station. 
We purchased ticket to Hiratsuka, Kanagawa to witness Tanabata Festival.
Adult 1110yen Child 550yen
100yen = RM4

The train ride is about an hour from JR Tokyo station to Hiratsuka.

Thoughts during train ride.

Lunch here at Hiratsuka

400yen - fried noodles.

Cute letterbox.

Look for the uniqueness of manhole covers.

I would love to get one of the Tanabata decorative.

But 1000yen per stick is too pricey for me. 

Umbrella vending machine.

Check the varieties of food available.

Salty cucumber and tomato cherry with dips.

Making of candy floss

We admire the way the bottles/cans are being collected separately for recycling.

There is a custom of writing wishes on the strips of paper with 5 colours. These can be seen along the street in between decorations.

Little kiddo writing on a piece of tanzaku (paper strips)

The street was decorated with 3 metre long bamboo poles of beautiful Tanabata ornaments. Notice the clean street even though there are packed with so many people!

Some donned traditional costumes.

The colourful sights were wonderful. :)

Tanabata theme manhole cover.

Lots of paper cranes.

Fancy fetching toys from water?

Spaghetti dinner at Cafe Jr. Italian Tomato 390yen

Menu of Cafe Jr Italian Tomato.

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