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Day 2 Harajuku Fashion, CosPlay, Performances at Yoyogi Park, Meiji Shrines at Harajuku, Japan 1 July 2012

Day 2 Harajuku station  : Harajuku fashion, Yogoyi Park and Meiji Shrine 

We came to Harajuku in search of Cosplay, Japan teenage fashion culture. It was crowded on a Sunday, where throng of shoppers strolled along fashionable Takeshite Dori (street). 

An eye catching form of advertisement, where these guys also distributed circle-shaped fan to onlookers.

50% off but it is still pricey after converting from yen.  

I was wee bit disappointed as we didn't come across as many Cosplay (Costume Play) as I have seen before from my past trip to Harajuku.  

We walked over to Yoyogi park to catch some free street performances. Perhaps it was due to the rain, there were not many entertainers today. 

We were sure what this guy was up to.

Bamboo trees filled with tanzaku were put up at the park, as Tanabata festival was around the corner.

Some kind of games that we didn't understand.

To get to Yoyogi park, cross the Jingu Bridge, take the left and follow the sidewalk around the corner to the right. There are some street food vendors along the sidewalk.

It was a long walk to the Shinto temple from the very first Meiji Jingu (Shrine) entrance.
Entrance is free.
To pay respect at the shrine, bow once when enter and leaving. 
Shinto is a Japan's ancient orginal religion. Further info on Shinto, click here.

At Temizuya, rinse your hands and mouth. 
1. Rinse your left hand. 2. Rinse your right hand. 3. Pour water into your left hand. 4. Rinse your mouth. 5. Rinse your left hand again. 6. Rinse the dipper

At the third shrine, you have arrived the temple.

The temple ground. It looks very simple and tranquil to me. 

Observing how the Shinto believers pray. 
Throw a coin into the offertory box in front of you. Bow twice. Clap your hands twice. Then pray. And bow again. 

Over here, you can write your wishes on the Emu(tablets) and hang it here or take it home. 

Writing Kiganbun(letter) to the deities. 
Write your wishes or words of gratitude and put inside the envelope together with a monetary offering of any amount.  Drop into the box provided.

Stamps of Meiji Shrine. 

Souvenir of lucky charms are sold here.

 A generous serving of soba 290yen

580yen - rice with tempura and a bowl of miso soup

380yen plain udon.

I didn't snap a photo of this fast-food tempura restaurant, Tenya. It is located along the shops at Meiji Dori.

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