Friday, February 28, 2014

Figure Skating Ice Skating Lesson 17 July 2013

En decided to learn some movements of figure skating. Today is the first lesson at Royale Bintang E-Curve.  A senior coach's fee for a group of 4 - 6 people is RM 200 per hour which includes entrance fee with a pair of skate and coaching. 
A check on Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating Rink, there is a long wait list of students who wish to take a lesson!

Singapore River Safari 13 July 2014

Check the feeding and guide schedule. Follow the guide as he went explaining each enclosure. 

The panda 's variety of food on display. 

It took us half a day to complete the River Safari which was not open completely yet. 

Jurong Bird Park Singapore 13 July 2014

This time round, En volunteered to go up stage and had her arm outstretched to receive the Cockatoo. 

The kids missed the water park at Jurong Bird Park last year and so, they came back for it. 

Here they were waiting to be splashed by the big bucket of water. Fun. Fun. Fun. 

I brought along En's "BFF" who lives in Singapore. They had the best of time. 

S.E.A Aquarium, Sentosa Island 12 July 2014

Blogging this trip after 8 months, I have trouble remembering a single thing about this aquarium!!! :)
It was huge I know. And kids have a blast, I am sure. For me, I learnt to be much more patient having an extra child. 

Fourth year of Children's Season, Singapore Art Museum 8Q 11 July 2014

We were back for the forth time for Children's Season exhibition. It never fails to enchant my children. It was like they fell into the deep rabbit hole in Alice in the Wonderland. 

Hope these will inspire the three children. :) 

Marina Barrage, Marina Bay, Singapore 10 July 2013

The view of a reservoir is always so calming and serene. 

We booked a free tour at 4pm. The guide took us around the reservoir and a gallery. 

A demonstration on the flood control system of the barrage.  

Homeschool Art & Craft Fair on 3 July 2013

En loves to hold craft workshop. When she heard of the opportunity to do one, she jumped on it without much hesitation.
Here she was, explaining her origami/kirigami options.

Hui loves to draw. Her drawings were hung up for sale.

"Surfers at Padang Padang beach"
Hui's drawing of her memory of watching surfers at Bukit Peninsula, Bali.

En drew the scene where she volunteered at  " Save Our Seahorse" when she found out that the founder has passed away. 
Rainbow or heart shape are her favourite things. 

Cherating, Ruby Resort, Pahang 14 June 2013

Thank you Martha for the photo. 

We came to Ruby Resort again. This year, there are some new budget cheaper rooms. Margosa has no attached bathroom and air-conditioning and just a mere RM 100 per night. I talked to the kids and they had no objection about saving up some money in the accommodation. And I think it was also an opportunity to go through the emotion of having the least among their friends. They were cool when friends came over the room. The younger one was comparing between more and less, and a discussion was brought up on spending and budgeting and the difference between needs and wants. 

Human Anatomy Museum, Neurofair 2013 at University Putra Malaysia 12 June 2013

Preserved fetus and baby at the museum. 

Human Anatomy has always been an interesting subject for little Hui. Inadvertently, I knew much more facts by reading to her. At times, I wish I was equipped with more facts to answer her questions. Then on second thought, I think embracing who I am is more important than to loathe on how little I know. And so, the kids will love who they are and accept that life isn't perfect and you don't have to know it all. 

 This museum visit at the NeuroFair allowed her to see some actual body parts.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stilt walking at Georgetown Festival Opening Ceremony 8 June 2013

En stilt walked at Padang Kota Lama for Georgetown Festival opening ceremony. Stilt walking and busking are something which she loves to do.

We saw her posing and mingling with the audience and calling people to join the stilt walking workshop offered at the festival. It was inspiring watching her doing something that she likes and being focused and motivated. 

Tin Mining Exhibition, Falim House 31 May 2013

This informative exhibition was put up by IpohWorld.

One of the many many nostalgic displays, a "roti" seller on an old bicycle.   
We had a real good time here, browsing the antiques and imagining the past. 
10am to 6pm, daily. 
Jalan Lahat, Falim, Ipoh. 

Sekeping Kong Heng, Ipoh 31 May 2013

Not-so-little one took the luggage lift up to first floor where the rooms are located.

We walked up the steps. 

Step into the room, left side is the bathroom and bed on the right. 

It was my very first Sekeping experience and I was more excited than my children. My work desk across the queen size bed. 
My children and I had enjoyed the stay tremendously. It gave a feeling of living in the olden days, reminiscing what it was like before that. 

My bedroom 's view. 
It is another "kopitiam" on the ground floor but windows on the upper floor remained closed. 

The communal area where we laze around. 
Tea, coffee and milo are provided free of charge. 

Kecak and Fire Dance, Uluwatu Temple 27 May 2013

The charges to the temple. 
For Kecak and Fire Dance, the tickets are sold inside the temple.

Observing the locals praying.

Uluwatu temple has a very stunning view of the sea as it is situated at the cliff. 

A prayer is conducted before the Kecak and Fire Dance starts.

The music is made by a chanting of seventy men. There is no orchestra or gamelan like in other traditional Balinese dance. There are four acts altogether. Briefly, it is about the demon King Rahwana's intention to steal Sita, Rama's wife. Rama and his brother, Laksamana set out to rescue Sita, with the help of Hanoman. 

Padang Padang beach, Bukit Peninsula, Bali 27 May 2013

Padang Padang beach view from the bridge. 

Accessed to the beach from the stepped pathway under the bridge.

Small stalls selling food and drinks lined the beach.

A small cooking area but sells a long list of food, check menu below)

My not-so-beach kid was playing among the sun-tanning beach goers.

My beach kid can never get enough of sand and sea.

Suluban Beach, Uluwatu, Bukit Peninsula, Bali 26 May 2013

Steep steps going down towards the secluded Pantai Suluban. When it is high tide, the sea water reaches the end of the step.

The high tide is slowly residing.

The kids let the wave pushed them while waiting for low tide. 

When it is low tide, there will be a bigger beach area and we could walk further out to the sea.

View of Pantai Suluban from atop.

When the tide recedes, we could explore among the rocks, corals and seaweed.

En hopping back to Satria Bungalow.

Satria Bungalow,Uluwatu, Bukit Peninsula, Bali 26 May 2013

When we arrived at Uluwatu, our booking at "The Gong" accommodation went wrong and we were stranded without a place to stay. So, we walked across the road and found Satria Bungalow. Thankfully, there is a room for us. 

The entrance of Satria Bungalow.

Our unit is at the first corner, ground floor, with the swimming pool right in front. 

Rp 280,000 per night.
Suluban beach is 15 minutes walk away.

Legong and Barong Dance, Puri Agung Peliatan, Ubud, Bali 25 May 2013

Little Hui explored the traditional musical instruments. It is fascinating and she asked to learn Gamelan.

Baris,the dance of a young soldier. 

Legong Lasem, the story of King Lasem. 

The whole performance, consists of 5 parts were superb and we greatly enjoyed it. 
Adult is Rp 100,000. Kids are free. We bought our ticket from a ticket seller just outside Ubud Palace.