Friday, February 28, 2014

Human Anatomy Museum, Neurofair 2013 at University Putra Malaysia 12 June 2013

Preserved fetus and baby at the museum. 

Human Anatomy has always been an interesting subject for little Hui. Inadvertently, I knew much more facts by reading to her. At times, I wish I was equipped with more facts to answer her questions. Then on second thought, I think embracing who I am is more important than to loathe on how little I know. And so, the kids will love who they are and accept that life isn't perfect and you don't have to know it all. 

 This museum visit at the NeuroFair allowed her to see some actual body parts.

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~CovertOperations78~ said...

That's a very good lesson, Shannon. We should embrace who we are, acknowledge we may not have all the answers, and agree to keep learning and keep trying even if anatomy (or some other field of study) isn't really our "thing".