Saturday, October 26, 2013

An ad shooting at Ford 22 April 2013

Kids on an ad shooting. And I got to be a part of it. It made me shuddered at first and knowing I would be a role model to my kiddos instantly switched my mind to relax mode. 

Street Performance at Phyllis Caring Home and Agathians Shelter 24 & 28 April 2013

Previously, when I visited Phyllis Caring Home, I wish I could bring some performances to this home.  
And I so glad the wish came true. :)
I hope the old folks enjoyed the show.

En on stilt, waving her flag at Agathians Shelter. 
She loves this place to bits and would love to spend more time with the kids in future.  

Street Performance at Publika 14 April 2013

After JJB workshop, this is the first street performance at Publika. Little Hui had a blast. My older kid was in Bangkok and wasn't able to join. 

Day 11, En in Bangkok, 19 April 2013

She missed Bangkok but looking forward to going home. 

It was a heart warming meeting when I received her, she jumped and hugged me so tight and said " I miss you, mom" 

Day 9 and 10, En in Bangkok, TK (Thai Knowledge) Park 18 April 2013

En was right up there, reading a book. I thought the honey-comb shaped seat is cool!
She was back here again the next day as she loves this place so much. 

A one day pass 20 baht is available for non-members. There is a 50 baht refundable deposit for the library entry card. 

Day 8, En in Bangkok, Talad Rom Hoop, Maeklong Railway Market 17 April 2013

En said she took MRT, BTS, tuk tuk, commuter train and ferry to get to this market. 

The train runs through this market and tourists were seen taking photos of the oncoming train. 

"Roti Canai" was more delicious, she added. I said it is too oily. :)

 Still feeling homesick, En said 'She overcame it and enjoyed her day" . I felt she was brave and learnt a new life experience.

Day 7, En in Bangkok, Terminal 21 Mall 15 April 2013

This mall has a different country theme on each floor and the toilet has design based on the country theme as well. :)

Swimming at apartment. :)

Help with cooking, with her buddy, Vic. 

On the 7th day, En begin to feel home-sick and looking forward to going home. However, realizing that departing Bangkok is still 4 days away, made her miss the family even more. And she started to wonder why she made this trip here. 

Day 6, En in Bangkok, Dreamworld 14 April 2013

Colour of the World Parade, happened only on weekends. At the background is the Giant's house.
The parade is really good, you must not skip this. I love the stilts part.

Speedy Mouse ride is the fastest. 

This is Snow Town in Dream World.
Singapore Snow City's sleigh is much faster.

That was what she told me when I asked about her Dreamworld experience. 

Day 5, En in Bangkok, Songkran Celebration 13 April 2013

She bought a waterproof bag for her hand sewn rabbit which she brought along the trip. 
People applied wet powder on my face as a form of blessing, she said. The water play was really really fun, she added. :)

Day 4, En in Bangkok, Safari World & Marine World 12 April 2013

Watching the animals from inside the coach bus that drives around the safari park. 

Collecting stamps from the stamping station. 

Dinner at Hajime Robot Restaurant. The robot will serve the meal and collect the empty plates!

Day 3, En in Bangkok, Cycling at Rot Fai Park 11 April 2013

Cycling at Rot Fai Park. She misses this the most after she returned home. 
There is a free butterfly garden that is open from Tuesday to Sunday.  

Picnic at the park. 

Help preparing food at apartment.

Day 2, En in Bangkok, Ice Skate and Reading in the library 10 April 2013

Send email to her sibling in the morning. 

Trying to figure out the BTS map.

Geronimo Stilton accompanied her on the train ride.

Ice skating at Ice Planet, Siam Discovery Centre.

Reading at Nelson Hays Library, Surawong Road.