Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clay Animation at Rhythm & Hues, Cyberjaya 3 May 2012

Uncle Poh Hui guided the children in doing a simple clay animation with patience.

Plot the story.

Made the character out of clay.

Drew the background

The casts of the movie.

Getting the stage and camera ready.

Uncle Poh Hui and Shahril loaded the pictures into the movie maker software.

Enjoy and try to figure the story out yourself.

The children got to tour the studio and learnt about the various jobs available at Rhythm and Hues
For a visit, email

Ruby Resort, Cherating Pahang 27 April 2012

Our home at Ruby Resort.
 The moment I stepped in, I felt so calm instantly. Here is why partly : 

En caught a butterfly with her net. 

Kite making.

Kite- flying

Training a cat to hop over an obstacle.

Shower in the open space.

Most shells have an occupant.

The clarity of the east coast sea.

Body boarding. 
She requested to go in the year end, during the monsoon where the wave is rougher.

Making mud pies.


Making sandcastle.

Catching insect. 

Watching sunrise while wading the low tide pool.

Hunting for live clam.

Observing the trail of a hermit crab.

Running after a crab and watched it disappeared into a hole. 

Green turtle trail.

Lots of clam.


I couldn't capture the starry night. 

12 other families joined us.

The squid squirted black ink when it was poke at. 

Someone caught a weird-looking blue jelly fish.

The sight is common at east coast according to T.
It was my first encounter despite being at east coast numerous of times.

A poisonous snake slithering by.

Dad caught sight of a a green turtle returning to the sea while jogging early in the morning. 
If you see one, please do not stand in its way as this will distress the turtle. Please also switch off your camera flash. 

East Coast Highway to Ruby Resort, Pantai Chendor, Cherating Pahang 27 April 2012

Thanks to the East Coast Highway, it is merely a short 3 hours to Ruby Resort
Map 1.

Map 2.

Map 3.

Map 4. 
Exit at Jabor. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little Adventure, Skytrek Taman Pertanian Shah Alam May 2012

She loves Skytrek and could hardly wait to be back here again. 

Little Adventure SkyTrek, Taman Botani Shah Alam 24 April 2012

With a group more than 25 people, we booked the Little Adventure circuit on a weekday and it came with a 10% discount on the fees.  
Thanks to auntie Amy. 
More info on Skytrek here

The steps we gone through to skytrekking.

Donning on safety gears.

You wore the safety gear like a pants and suspender.

There are three challenges altogether which are "Little Adventure", "Big Thrill" and "Extreme Challenge"

Safety briefing on how to use the lanyard and carabiner.

A short training ensued after the briefing.

Enn seems to be agile and have no fear.
After it fnished, I asked if she was scared.
 "At first it was a bit scary, but as I went through it, it was fun", so she said.

She loves the flying fox.

Here are some other challenges. 

Tight rope walker.

More photos on Skytrek Second Trip here.