Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Gallery 3 April 2012

Again, we are so thankful to get a wonderful guide. Haslini is so patient and accommodating to our needs, adult and children of all ages. 
It started of with a short and sweet interactive briefing of "Kijang" (barking deer) on how he saves his cool bike.

Activity on folding a money box.

It comes with simple instruction. 

Kids decorated the money boxes.

Being a mother, I always worry if my kid is able to do it. 
Again, I was proof wrong. Hui drew, coloured, folded and glued the box by herself.

There are three money boxes that the children need to assemble - saving, spending and sharing.

Such a caring guide.

Vibrant scene of a village.
Here we visited an art gallery which display a selection of local and Asean artwork. I must say the art pieces there are beautiful.

The piece that drew Hui to the front. 
A wonderful piece of collage, "Living Space" by Chong Chun Wei.

At the numismatic gallery where it display money related objects and old coins for the 13th Century as well as Malaysian Coins & Notes (including the New 4th Series Notes)

Animal shaped coins buried in tin mining area.

Display of old notes.

The 4th series of Malaysian notes.

My kid has been asking me about these. It does not cross my mind before to think about what is printed on the notes.

 What is on the back of the Malaysia coins.

A mini library

Grand cafe at the ground floor. 
You can pay by cash or "touch and go" card!

For a guided tour visit, email Nizam, nizamm@bnm.gov.my
Bank Negara Malaysia
Sasana Kijang
2 Jalan Dato Onn
50480 KL

Operation hour 10am to 6pm daily, including public holiday (except for 1 January)
Car park is available at LG3 and LG4 for RM3 per entry.

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