Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clay Animation at Rhythm & Hues, Cyberjaya 3 May 2012

Uncle Poh Hui guided the children in doing a simple clay animation with patience.

Plot the story.

Made the character out of clay.

Drew the background

The casts of the movie.

Getting the stage and camera ready.

Uncle Poh Hui and Shahril loaded the pictures into the movie maker software.

Enjoy and try to figure the story out yourself.

The children got to tour the studio and learnt about the various jobs available at Rhythm and Hues
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Anonymous said...

Hello. I was searching libraries in KL and I found your blog by chance, your blog is very very interesting. Home schooling is so wonderful...!
I am an expat here in KL, I thought all parents in Malaysia are crazy about education and schooling. I am so glad that I found your blog, I now know that not all parents are like that!
I don't know what home schooling is like in Malaysia but I want to learn more. I was considering sending my child to a preschool soon but now I think I need to reconsider. Your blog has so much information on activivties for children, they are all very useful and helpful for me as I don't know much about KL yet.
Sorry my comment is so long, I just wanted to say I enjoyed your blog very much!

Ng Shannon said...
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Ng Shannon said...


Thank you for your warm comment.

Personally, I feel that Playcentre Library is the best library that I found in Klang Valley.

Please do drop me an email if you wish to talk more about HS.