Monday, February 28, 2011

Hanging Bridge at Broga Chinese Temple 19 February 2011

Chinese Temple at Broga. (drive further up from Broga Hill and you will see Broga small town)

The newly built bridge.

Maximum 50 persons can go across at one time ??

Durian trees around the bridge

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rubber Tapper 19 February 2011

Sunday 10am
We bumped into a rubber tapper at work, at the rubber plantation nearby the Broga chinese temple.

Freshly cut tree bark and out flow the latex.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Broga Hill 20 February 2011

Sunday 545am
This is the fourth time En Hui hike this hill. En is getting familiar with the terrain and ran up alone. I was out of breath trying to catch up with her.

430am drive to Broga Hill.

The breathtaking scenery at 630am.

It was a cloudy morning and we could only get glimpse of red in the sky. The wind was cooling and sky was blue.

Elephant grass, their favourite pick at the peak.

View from second peak to first peak. My lung was only able to take me to the second peak. En went all the way up the fourth peak for the second time.

Can you spot En climbing down from the fourth peak?


the ants feasting on the sendudok flower.

oooohhh how I wish I could join this camper - having nasi and hot beverage.

string tied to the trunk and lalang.

This was what uncle V, Rhy and dad did at the peak.

Shooting 'lalang'.

This is the En's best part. She looks forward to it, each time we were there. Yooohoooo sliding down the slope. 

Read Third Broga Hill Hike 

Chinese New Year Yee Sang, a belated one 19 February 2011

Saturday night.
We finally got to taste our Yee Sang, after the Chinese New Year. The day which we supposed to gather for a Loh Sang (toss Yee Sang), Ah Gong passed away.

Beside 2 packets of crackers and a bowl of oil, there is also another bowl of  sauce and raw salmon which I didn't manage to snap before uncle S took it away. :)

Sprinkle the cracker. oh mannnnn yummmy *drooling*

Its sauce. *more drooling*

The salmon and lastly, the oil. Yayyy READY.

Lets toss! So so FUN, wahhhhh!  Finally we did the ritual.

You know, the taste is so full of joy, the joy of tossing it with family members.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chap Goh Mei at Taman Jaya Lake PJ 17 February 2011

Thursday night.
It was our first Chap Goh Mei(15th day of the Chinese New Year a.ka. Chinese Valentine Day) celebration at Taman Jaya Lake, opposite the main entrance of Amcorp Mall. We arrived around 730pm and parked at the open space Amcorp Car Park which is RM3 per entry after 6pm. Alternatively, you can park at TNB building which is next to the lake where you dont have to cross the busy road as opposed to parking at Amcorp. The event starts at 8pm and ends at 11pm. When we arrived at 730pm, there were not many people yet.

Free orbing activity at the lake

and also free heart shape balloon :) Get the balloon first before the queue builds up.
At 8pm sharp, lion dance began.
The chinese words arranged with mandarin oranges by the lion.
It then followed by speech, games and performances.  

Mandarin oranges are being distributed free.
As we walked around the lake, there were ladies writing their phone number on the oranges.

Extendable nets were distributed by staffs on duty to the men.
When the DJ announced 'pow kam' event began, oranges were thrown into the lake from all direction.  The men began fetching the oranges with the net, not one but many. En Hui had a good laugh looking the phenomena.

Have a look see.
We left at 845pm, where the crowd started to build up. When we walked out of the lake,  throng of people were zooming in.

Halo 18 February 2011

Ghostly white halo with red rim around the moon.

Halo pictures - (1)wet paper with water (2) dot blobs of color (3) watch it spread 

Chinese Ink Writing 18 February 2011

En pretend- play chinese ink writing with black water colour. Can you read what she wrote? 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Toilet Paper Art 18 February 2011

En pulled a long piece of toilet paper. I had the urge to stop her and gave her a lecture of conserve resources and save the trees. Exhausted, I shut my eyes instead. Later on, she showed me her toilet paper art.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Petronas Twin Tower 17 February 2011

Hui's petronas twin tower.

Rimba Ilmu, University of Malaya 16 February 2011

Wednesday 930am.
We visited Rimba Ilmu botanical garden with 3 MNS nature guides. For an appointment with MNS, email . MNS contact no - 03 2287 9422. It's RM5 per person, for aged 4 and above (fees inlcude entrance to garden and gallery). Depending on nature guides availability on your booking date, our group is limited to 40 people.

Alternatively, you can visit the garden on your own.  RM2 per adult. Children aged 12 and below is RM1.
Rimba Ilmu contact no - 03 - 7967 4686
Mon- Thur 9am-12pm, 2pm to 4pm
Friday 9am - 12pm, 245pm to 4pm.
First Sat of every month, there is a guided tour at 9am

Briefing by MNS nature guide - don't pluck the plants, dont eat the fruits, don't this, don't that... :)

This is the  Botanical Garden entrance, which is near the lower level carpark area. and our nature guide, Sasha.

Thymelaeaceac fruits and flowers which grow on the branch.

Left- hollow trunk.  Right- trunk fulls of thorn.

We met a Rimba Ilmu 's worker near the sesame plant and he explained how we could make 'jelly' out of the sesame leaves which cures errr .... forgot. :) Hmmmm...maybe I should get a recorder.

We were given sesame seeds pod to plant at home.  

From botanical garden entrance, we took a right turn at the T-junction. Then, we walked straight and came to this first left turn junction. After the left turn, the beginning part of the road is mossy and slippery.

Moss strives under cool damp condition.

Shortly after the mossy road, there is a forest mangosteen tree on your left. It's edible and tastes sour.

 The oldest "Gelam Tikus" tree in Rimba Ilmu is located after the jungle mangosteen tree. There are a few more down the road as well.  
It's red and orangie in colour and has a thin papery bark. Hui especially like peeling the bark and didn't want to move. 

The hut that housed some plants species which I forgot the name. At the entrance on the left, note the mickey mouse plant, just beside the steps.
There is a stream next to the hut and do take note that the wet soil around the stream is knee-deep. 

Exhibition Gallery  - RM2 per person.

Insects exhibit.

Fungi and lichen.

Take a stroll the botanical garden first and view the air-conditioned gallery when it gets hot. There is a green house near the gallery area where it has rare and expensive plants. If you dont have a guide, you must get permission from the office before entering.

Map to Rimba Ilmu.
It's a great place and we will surely make another visit.