Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 World Press Photo, KL Convention Centre 24 January 2011

At KLCC convention centre. The photographs displayed are stunning and some heartwrenching. It was a great trip where En asked questions pertaining the photos. Below are some of the photographs and its brief info.

 Jason (father), a visually impaired, reading a bedtime story in braille to Pandu (son), 6 who is blind from birth.

Koos, a teenager with Gender Identity Disorder.

A large bull elephant seal threw sand over its back to keep cool.

Oranges affected by Cadmium contamination near Xianghe chemical factory.

Left - a giraffe killed by drought.
Right- Marabouts, leaders of mystical Muslim brotherhoods, coat their bodies with potion and milk to drive away evil.

A kingfisher catches a fish, closing its third eyelid.

Left-  slaughterhouses in Umbria, Italy.
Right- Villagers starved of protein, strip the carcass with barehand in Gonarezhou National Park.

Adrian has autism, likes to pick up small objects such as hair, thread or dust.

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