Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chap Goh Mei at Taman Jaya Lake PJ 17 February 2011

Thursday night.
It was our first Chap Goh Mei(15th day of the Chinese New Year a.ka. Chinese Valentine Day) celebration at Taman Jaya Lake, opposite the main entrance of Amcorp Mall. We arrived around 730pm and parked at the open space Amcorp Car Park which is RM3 per entry after 6pm. Alternatively, you can park at TNB building which is next to the lake where you dont have to cross the busy road as opposed to parking at Amcorp. The event starts at 8pm and ends at 11pm. When we arrived at 730pm, there were not many people yet.

Free orbing activity at the lake

and also free heart shape balloon :) Get the balloon first before the queue builds up.
At 8pm sharp, lion dance began.
The chinese words arranged with mandarin oranges by the lion.
It then followed by speech, games and performances.  

Mandarin oranges are being distributed free.
As we walked around the lake, there were ladies writing their phone number on the oranges.

Extendable nets were distributed by staffs on duty to the men.
When the DJ announced 'pow kam' event began, oranges were thrown into the lake from all direction.  The men began fetching the oranges with the net, not one but many. En Hui had a good laugh looking the phenomena.

Have a look see.
We left at 845pm, where the crowd started to build up. When we walked out of the lake,  throng of people were zooming in.

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