Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tour 2 and Tour 3 at Gua Tempurung, Gopeng Perak 4 February 2011

Entrance of Gua Tempurung. We came here a year ago and took tour package level 1. Today, En and dad explored level 3 whereas Hui and I ended the trip at level 2.

At level 3, you need to creep on all fours in a shallow river. According to the guide, Hui won't be able to take the stretch of slippery rocks slide (photo on right) at level 3 and we won't be able to carry her as well. 

Steps inside the cave.

Over here, where the huge cave chamber turn into a narrow tunnel-like cavern, we experienced a constant natural cool breeze.

It was believed to be a plan hatched by the communist to ambush Sir Henry Gurney's security entourage for their firearms.

When it rains, it creates water fall at this area. Level 1 ends here.  

Hui and I ended our tour(level 2) here, where we turned back and found ourselves all alone in the dim cave !

En and dad hike down the long steps and then slide down the rocks which ended at the slope where they had to climb down the hole and landed on the ankle deep stream. They crawled flat on all fours where the stalagtites are very low and right on top of them.

About an hour later, they emerged from the stream under the platform adjacent to the entrance.

En came out, all wet.

The stream next to the entrance where En and dad came out. A few days after she came back, she said "I love Gua Tempurung".  We will try level 4 on our next visit.

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