Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gua Tambun 5 February 2011

Park cars at the Caltex petrol station as you enter Tambun. Walk into the narrow lane on the right side.

Gua Tambun signage.

At the end of narrow lane, you will see the polo ground. Climb over the gate.

Walk straight till you reached another red gate, which takes about 3 minutes.

From the second gate, it's the beginning of a 3 minutes trail to the foot of Gua Tambun.

Watch out for horse dung.

The 3 minutes trail to the foot of Gua Tambun.

Reached the foot where you will see a hut.

Steep steps covered with leaves, up to the cave.

You will see the wall of the Gua Tambun. En ran to the left side but couldn't locate any drawings. Towards the right side, there is another short steps which lead you to the prehistoric drawings.

palm print and a fish-like drawings.

can you spot the human face ?


En, Yi and dad climbed further up the cave and have a closer look.


lime stone

view from the top of Gua Tambun.

En enjoyed trekking the caves.

checking the different sound created by the lime stone, granite and the broken stalagtite.

Next caving trip will be to Gua Kandu @ Gopeng. It is physically more challenging than Gua Tempurung and Gua Tambun where there are no steps and you need both hands to climb up and down in the cave.

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