Friday, February 25, 2011

Broga Hill 20 February 2011

Sunday 545am
This is the fourth time En Hui hike this hill. En is getting familiar with the terrain and ran up alone. I was out of breath trying to catch up with her.

430am drive to Broga Hill.

The breathtaking scenery at 630am.

It was a cloudy morning and we could only get glimpse of red in the sky. The wind was cooling and sky was blue.

Elephant grass, their favourite pick at the peak.

View from second peak to first peak. My lung was only able to take me to the second peak. En went all the way up the fourth peak for the second time.

Can you spot En climbing down from the fourth peak?


the ants feasting on the sendudok flower.

oooohhh how I wish I could join this camper - having nasi and hot beverage.

string tied to the trunk and lalang.

This was what uncle V, Rhy and dad did at the peak.

Shooting 'lalang'.

This is the En's best part. She looks forward to it, each time we were there. Yooohoooo sliding down the slope. 

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