Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Roots @Tanjung Rambutan 4 February 2011

After Gua Tempurung, we took the old trunk road to Tanjung Rambutan. There are a lot of sceneries along the trunk road which we enjoyed immensely.

The Roots is located right at the end of Tanjung Rambutan town, approximately 1km after the railway station. What caught my heart the most was, you will see a chinese temple, gurdwara,  mosque and a Hindu temple lined next to each other as you drive on the main road. It reflects Malaysia being a multi racial country.

This is our treehouse, Orchard Standard No.5  where the tree trunk cut through the balcony and roof. It's the cheapest accomodation here, RM150 per night for 2 persons include breakfast. An additional adult is RM40 whereas a child would be RM25. The room can accommodates up to 6 people. We feel this is the best treehouse among the Orchard Standards available.

The steps and balcony. There are two tree trunks that cut through the balcony.

Our balcony view which face the National Stud farm and  it would be nice if it opens to public. We get a good view of the stud farm and sunrise. In the evening, cows and goats will be grazing at the field.  

Spacious room, with 6 single beds. The door at the end leads you to an open air bathroom.

Clean white towels are provided for each person.

This is the bathroom.

Don't bathe too late, or you will be shivering after you turn off the tap.

Our bathroom is partly covered. There are some that are all covered and some totally opened.

Mosquito repellant in the room.

The orchard standard next to ours.

Pool beside the river and restaurant.

You can eat by the river.

The roots is enclosed within gates and children can play around the area safely.

rapid river.

Our free breakfast. Chef Litha is a great cook.

Nasi lemak.
En has a few round at the pingpong table.


Birdnest and hammocks.

Treetop standard(RM190 per night) by the river but also next to the main road which expose to traffic noises during the day.

The tree trunk cut through the bedroom and roof. The room will be insect-free as the trunk is enclosed in a glass case. Jacuzzi  at the balcony of a treehouse suite, RM250 per night.

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