Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve 12 February 2011

Bukit Nanas, a forest in the city. Free entrance.

The forest is accessible from KL tower by two entrance or from Convent Bukit Nanas Secondary School.
A signage which says "Beware of Dangerous Species".

Tar road at the beginning. Hui was so full of zest but asked to end the walk after a short 40minutes.

At this juncture, take this platform to trek Penarahan Trail.

Tree names and information board are provided along the trails. 

We have not seen this type of seeds before. It's sticky with black colour seeds when popped open.
Red ants feasting on a dead worm.

Some parts are of the trails are lined with steps.

When we came to this fork road, I was wondering which trail to take. After checking the trail on the right, En came back and said "This one (Penarahan- left), it looks more like a forest" and without hesitation, she walked into it. 

black thick fungi.

Thick twirly vines.
We were swarmed by giant mosquitoes despite spraying much of Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellant. ! The moment we stopped to check the guide book or snap photos, few big mosquitoes would attacked us mercilessly.

I read that, there are many species of insects. Hui particularly loves insects. 

Another one.

Hui decided to head back to the car but En wanted to continue. So we bid farewell to En and dad as  they trekked the Suboh trail.

and bamboo walk.

Passed a suspension bridge

and came to a pony ride area near the forest trail gate.
There is a complimentary nature walk for those visiting the Observation Desk at KL Tower. Tour schedule 11am, 1230pm, 230pm and 430pm.  Produce your ticket at the Forest Trail Gate.


Mom-On-The-Loose said...

ahhhhh... the memories it brings. went to primary n secondarh school there but only went in the forest once, during primary school. too scared as there were flashers around back then.... Can't believe they've actually added steps and suspension bridge. cool. must take the kids there one of these days...

Ng Shannon said...

A, oh! yes, your school..:) Glad it brings you sweet memories, exclude the flasher. :(
Lets go again.