Friday, February 25, 2011

Chinese New Year Yee Sang, a belated one 19 February 2011

Saturday night.
We finally got to taste our Yee Sang, after the Chinese New Year. The day which we supposed to gather for a Loh Sang (toss Yee Sang), Ah Gong passed away.

Beside 2 packets of crackers and a bowl of oil, there is also another bowl of  sauce and raw salmon which I didn't manage to snap before uncle S took it away. :)

Sprinkle the cracker. oh mannnnn yummmy *drooling*

Its sauce. *more drooling*

The salmon and lastly, the oil. Yayyy READY.

Lets toss! So so FUN, wahhhhh!  Finally we did the ritual.

You know, the taste is so full of joy, the joy of tossing it with family members.

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