Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little Adventure SkyTrek, Taman Botani Shah Alam 24 April 2012

With a group more than 25 people, we booked the Little Adventure circuit on a weekday and it came with a 10% discount on the fees.  
Thanks to auntie Amy. 
More info on Skytrek here

The steps we gone through to skytrekking.

Donning on safety gears.

You wore the safety gear like a pants and suspender.

There are three challenges altogether which are "Little Adventure", "Big Thrill" and "Extreme Challenge"

Safety briefing on how to use the lanyard and carabiner.

A short training ensued after the briefing.

Enn seems to be agile and have no fear.
After it fnished, I asked if she was scared.
 "At first it was a bit scary, but as I went through it, it was fun", so she said.

She loves the flying fox.

Here are some other challenges. 

Tight rope walker.

More photos on Skytrek Second Trip here.

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