Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eno (Environment Online) March of Frogs 2012 26 March 2012

We participated in  "March of Frogs", ENO climate change campaign. In this activity, we made paper mache frogs and collect pledges from people to create awareness in how to reduce the effect of climate change. 

En made posters to hang over her shoulder as well. 

This is her with the poster. 

Hui's sash with a message "Don't pin things on our trees". 

It was my very first time approaching strangers this way. 

Hui commented she only wish to be there to support the group. 

En was all geared in helping the environment, a subject she is always fond of.

Writing down the chosen pledge on a cap and then to be fed to Frank, the frog.
She collected a total of 23 pledges. 
The total number of pledges will be submitted through online form at ENO.

A LIST OF PLEDGES to choose from. Lets make a pledge!!

1. I  decrease the temperature at home by 1 celcius and turn off the lights whenever I don't need them. 
2. I don't leave my TV, computer or stereo in a stand-by mode but switch them off when I don't use them. 
3. I change our light bulbs into energy saving bulbs.
4. I change our electricity into one that uses renewable resources. 
5. I don't waste in vain . I prefer to fix and repair rather than buy new.
6. I sort my waste and recycle whenever possible. 
7. I use products that have as little packaging as possible. 
8. I use public transport and walk or bicycle instead of driving a car. 
9. I eat local food and less meat.
10. When I buy food I use a bag or an old plastic bag.
11. I favour environmentally labelled products.
12. I plant a tree and ask my friend to do the same.
13. I make my own pledge that is?

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