Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Singapore National Museum 20 April 2012

The majestic Singapore National Museum. 

When we looked up the dome, beautiful stained glass greeted us.

There are four galleries on the 1st floor, which are food, fashion, photography and drawing.

Fashion gallery showcase fashion of yesteryear in Singapore.

This I captured from the Food Gallery, char kway teow used to be wrapped with banana leaves.

A photo from the photography gallery. The bridal bouquet had long vines that touched the ground.

We were provided with a headset and gadget to view the Singapore Living History at ground floor. It provides us information in auditory and visual form when we keyed in the number depicted at the exhibits.

Funeral procession of the olden days.

An alley of the past.

We love the museum and can't finish viewing everything within 1.5 hour. The only drawback is, price of the food at the museum is pretty steep.  

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