Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Singapore Zoo 19 April 2012

White-faced saki monkey roamed freely at the Zoo. 

The kids were so happy to have their friends with them today.

We have been here countless of times and yet, the kids still enjoy it so much. 
Singapore Zoo, we love it.  


Alice said...

Hi Shannon. I'm a full time mother of a 3 years old son. I'm really impressed by your confidence to bring up the children through homeschooling. May I know what gives you such confidence? And when do you actually start to educate the children and decided to homeschool them? Do wish you could drop me an email at suhsien80@hotmail.com. Thank you very much.

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Alice,

Thank you for your comment.

Don't be impressed. At times, I feel unsure and timid.

I think my children is my main motivator. Secondly, by reading and researching about homeschooling provide me with new thoughts and beautiful insights of an alternative education I can provide for them.
I think the education began on the very first day of their life. "Living is learning"
My decision to homeschool came when my older one was 4year old.

You are welcome. :D