Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wall Climbing at Camp5, One Utama Mall 13 July 2012

The kids were invited to a birthday party at Camp5. They were so excited and so was I. :)
It is our very first session of wall climbing and what's more, I have the privilege to be with them. :D
This play area is great as a warm-up session for them. 

Briefing and rules. 
Don't shout and don't run are two of the rules for the bunch of CHILDREN!!

I am proud of the no-so-little Hui. Compare to her, I am a huge scaredy-cat.
En scurried up the wall way too fast before I could capture a photo of her. 

A higher wall compare to the first one.
Hui told she was scared of this one. So I said she can skip this one. When it came to her turn, she gave it a go. I admire the way she conquer her fear. 
Children above 7 were whisked away to a more challenging one, below.

So much fun for En. 
I was told she made a promise to the trainer she will be back. 

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