Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mudskipper Engagement with Gary 20 March 2011

Sunday morning.
We have joined Turtle Engagement with Gary and found the session very interactive and fun. So, even after an exhausted late Saturday flight home from Tawau, En Hui were all geared for another session of mudskipper.

Gary managed to catch one huge 6 inches mudskipper and he added 'There are longer ones than this'. We don't usually see large mudskipper as they hide under the roots of the mangrove trees.

While waiting for the session to begin, the kids were given colouring activity.

Mudskippers are fishes.On land, it breathes air and moisture trapped in its gill. The moment Gary released the muskipper into the water, its cheek puffed up like a balloon. This is because, the mudskipper tried to absorb air again from the water, after being too long in Gary's hands.
Mudskippers use the pectoral fins (can be seen from the photo on the right) for propulsion on the ground.

Below are the pictures from the slide presentation.
There are many varieties of mudskippers and they are not just in plain brownish colour. 

The male mudskipper usually look more attractive.

Beside eating insects and small crustaceans, it also munches on mangrove roots.

Terubin - a turtle trap.
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tomato_alex said...

thank you for your information! i am a big fan of mudskipper too

i found a cartoon character using mudskipper as the theme. let me share with you


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You're welcome. Thank you for the link.